The word ‘cloud’ is versatile. It carried a lot of meaning that it seems. Cloud encompasses more than a thing. It is like a concept which incorporates other important services such as cloud infrastructure, cloud computing, cloud server, and cloud storage among other things. Many people think about cloud computing as being different from traditional computing but the reality is, they are all the same apart from cloud computing makes the storage capacity and processing power available over the internet. That way, people and organizations can use servers that are distributed all over the globe.

Understanding more about cloud computing

Before you start looking at private cloud solutions and computing service providers, you must understand what cloud computing is all about. It is very important to get the concept very clear because it has become a very common concept recently. To understand more about cloud computing, it is very important to understand the different types of cloud computing and cloud deployment. Here are some of the types of cloud deployment

  • Public cloud

The first type of cloud deployment is the public cloud. Good examples of such deployments include those being offered by Google, Microsoft, and Amazon as well. The above mentioned are companies and they always provide infrastructure and public cloud services. One thing that you should understand is that their services and infrastructure are always shared by all their customers. For collaborative projects and software development, this kind of cloud computing deployment can be ideal.

  • Private cloud

Another type of deployment that you should know of is the private cloud solutions deployment. These types of deployment are usually utilized by a single company or organization. They normally reside on a firewall. If your business has tight regulatory requirements, this is the ideal type of cloud computing deployment to settle for.

  • The hybrid cloud computing deployment

This is the third type of cloud deployment that you should be aware of. A hybrid cloud is simply a combination of private cloud and public cloud. Just like the name suggests, hybrid cloud allows the public cloud and the private cloud to be able to interact seamlessly. Therefore, data can move from one platform to the other smoothly. If you are operating a business or organization that needs a little bit of private clouding and a bit of public cloud computing, this is the perfect solution for you.


To understand more about cloud computing, it is very important to try and understand more about the different types of cloud computing. They include private, public and hybrid cloud computing. Each one of them has advantages and disadvantages. Go through all of them and make a comparison before knowing which one to settle for.