According to Mark Roemer Oakland, email marketing is still an effective internet marketing technique, although things have changed drastically. Many find this technique to be ineffective now; the reason behind this may be that the content in the email doesn’t suit the recipient’s interests. The points mentioned below will help you understand why email marketing is an effective internet marketing technique:

The Reasons

  1. It is a commercial strategy- Email marketing is considered one of the most effective methods of letting your customer know about your new product. Although it is a traditional method, it can increase the impulsive behavior of your customers when properly used. So, you can use email marketing to announce the launch of your new product to your potential customers.
  1. Retaining customers- Email marketing is a great way to be loyal to your customers. The campaign is often efficient in maintaining a good relationship between your brand and customers. You can always be in touch with your customers, providing them with the appropriate information regarding your products and services. So, it proves to be a great way to retain customers and increase sales.
  1. Provides the necessary information to customers- You can use email marketing to let your customers know about all the necessary details about your business. You can provide detailed information about your products, how to order them, and what to expect. Plus, they get to know about any future events.
  1. Help them locate your store- Emails are a great way to gain customers at your physical store. The customers get to know about the location of your physical store and can visit your store when they wish to. In this way, email marketing campaigns prove to be a great way of attracting people to your store.
  1. People open their mail every day- As per some research findings, almost 90% of people open their mail every day, as they receive essential business information through emails. Therefore, they may not be active on social media, but you can reach your potential customers through email marketing.
  1. A more personal approach- When you reach your customers through emails, you get to build a personal relationship with them. It is a more personal approach if compared to other marketing techniques. It is a personalized approach that lets you choose content that may be relevant enough to attract new customers.


Mark Roemer Oakland believes that email marketing has enough potential to attract new customers to your business. You must have the required experience and a planned strategy to get some outcome from the email marketing campaign. You need to ensure that your emails have the relevant content that matches your customers’ needs and describes your products and services perfectly; only then will you receive a more positive response. However, while planning your strategy, keep note of the mentioned-above points to get an idea of how the marketing campaign can be effective for the growth of your business.