With age, our health starts deteriorating. The back pain, headaches, reduced digestive capacity, limited eyesight, and weak bones signify getting old. It is a sign that we are expected to care about our health a tad bit more than earlier. You will find numerous illnesses and worsening health conditions in people who weren’t very careful of their life choices at a young age.

Since there is more awareness about health and healthcare in old age amongst people, we see a change in lifestyle. One step in this healthcare journey is buying a health insurance policy. The insurance industry has definitely seen a growth in the purchase of senior citizen health insurance in the digital age due to awareness through discussion. Since old age involves many medical difficulties, health policy is a must-have.

One of the most talked about medical expenses in a senior citizen’s life in India is the knee replacement procedure. In this article, let us talk about it in detail.

 Knee Replacement Surgery

Knee replacement surgery or knee arthroplasty is a medical procedure aimed at relieving pain and restoring functionality in individuals suffering from severe knee joint damage and pain.

It is a surgical procedure that involves hospitalisation, replacement surgery, an artificial implant of metal or plastic components, and pharmacy supplies. All of this helps the person to walk and stand properly without any pain and discomfort.

It becomes a huge part of that person’s comfort since it replaces ability with discomfort, damage, immobility, and chronic pain.

 Importance of Health Insurance Cover For Knee Replacement

Understanding the health issues of senior citizens as a whole is an extremely important part of being a familial person, especially someone who is a responsible son or daughter.

Among all the frequently found health conditions, knee pain is extremely common. The excruciating pain in the knee while sitting or getting up can be a great hindrance in a person’s day-to-day life. It creates a hurdle between the individual and some mundane activities such as sitting, walking, or bathing.

Knee replacement procedure becomes a mandate in such cases, and it demands money. Here is where the senior citizen health insurance and knee replacement coverage come in.

When you possess knee replacement coverage in addition to your senior citizen health policy, you have financial assistance for a lot of components in one place. This helps you keep a peaceful mind and a steady financial plan.

 Features of Health Insurance Coverage for Knee Replacement Surgery

  • Cashless Hospitalisation

Health insurance companies usually provide the benefit and advantage of availing the cashless treatment and hospitalisation. This is an extremely profitable feature that allows the policyholders to avail medical services from any network hospital.

Not only that, but the policyholder can show the health policy details, and they will receive immediate treatment without paying advance or any cash at all. The finances will be managed by the insurance company according to the terms mentioned in the policy.

This feature acts as an advantage since it is an effective way of getting the treatment done without running around searching for cash. This allows peace of mind and great recovery for the patient.

  • Policy Premium

The policy premium for the health insurance policy that includes knee replacement coverage, or we can call it the knee replacement surgery insurance, is on the heavier side of the scale.

Although it is not exactly expensive, it is higher than a standard policy premium. Obviously, the premium is affected by various factors, but this add-on coverage influences the amount the most.

  • Maximum Cover for Treatment

The health insurance coverage for knee replacement provides maximum financial assistance at the time of the surgery. If you have made the right decision of choosing a good insurance provider, you will get maximum benefits from a minimum premium. There are financial provisions for medical services like pre-hospitalisation cost, treatment, surgery, diagnosis, post-hospitalisation, surgery, and hospital room costs are covered under the medical coverage.

  • Waiting Period

Usually, the insurance policies mention waiting periods for specific treatment coverages. All the different kinds of treatments have different waiting periods. For making a knee replacement surgery claim, the waiting period can range from 24 months to 48 months, meaning 2-4 years.

  • Coverage Limit

In most cases, the insurance providers provide only 50% of the overall expenses of the surgery. There is a possibility that there is a sub-limit to your policy. Hence, you are expected to go through the entire policy thoroughly to understand what it is in your case.


Senior citizen or not, knee replacement is an important procedure that affects your day-to-day life and is important for someone with chronic pain and high levels of damage.

It is a medical procedure that a medical professional prescribes in necessary or extreme cases. If you have an insurance policy to support you in this treatment and surgery, you are going to find it easier to cope and handle things.