People are at the heart of your organisation, and for your business to thrive and grow, you need to invest in them.

However, properly resourcing and implementing effective HR can be difficult to achieve in-house, which is where HR outsourcing can help. Whether your team requires additional support, or you want to outsource your HR function entirely, choosing the right HR provider can bring many benefits to your business.

Here are a few things HR Outsourcing company, Reality HR, suggest you consider.

What are the advantages of HR outsourcing?

Outsourced HR can offer support in areas such as pay and benefits, employee engagement, recruitment, management training or advice on organisational design and restructuring your business. Support in these areas from an expert HR consultant will allow you to focus time on your core business activities and ensure you’re getting the best out of your teams.

An experienced HR consultant will act as a trusted sounding board too. Are you making the right decisions? Is this candidate right for the role? It’s invaluable to have a trusted ear who can listen to your ideas, but also bring new ones to the table. They’ll offer objective advice, yet act as an extension of your team, working closely with you and your managers.

When is the right time to outsource HR?

Are you looking to grow your business? If you are in this position, then this is a sign HR Services may be good for your business. Employee challenges, such as communication, tend to become greater as you expand. Working with an HR consultant can ensure solid HR foundations and processes are in place to support your growth strategy.

Outsourcing HR will also help to equip your managers with the resources they need to effectively manage their teams. You’ll be able to give them access to tailored plans and well communicated policies on issues such as absence for them to refer to.

Managers can also benefit from training. Outsourcing HR means you’ll be able to get support with management training. We’ve seen an uptick in grievances, informal complaints and disciplinary issues, and believe this can be linked to the inexperience of some line managers and their lack of skills in dealing with issues well, and early, before they escalate. Giving them the training and support they need is vital and expert HR consultants can run this for you.

If you need help understanding what HR solution is right for you, an HR provider can undertake an HR audit or ‘health check’ to work with you to understand your processes and identify and solve any issues.

Five signs you need to outsource your HR

  1. You need efficient HR processes

If your HR team is overwhelmed with work and doesn’t have time to focus on improving processes, you may want to consider getting additional help by outsourcing HR to take the pressure off your team.

With an HR consultant, you’ll have access to all the right resources and support to enable the HR function to run as smoothly as possible. Whether you outsource some or all of your activities it is going to improve the efficiency of your operations significantly.

  1. You need advice from a skilled, experienced specialist

No matter the size of your business, outsourcing to a specialist HR professional can bring many advantages to your organisation. You will receive up to date expertise on the latest HR trends, strategies and legal requirements to help move your business forward. Having a fresh pair of eyes and ears, vested in your business can be hugely powerful too.

At Reality HR, we’ll work in close collaboration with you, and can even take a seat at your board meetings to ensure the people part of your business is always in play when you’re making strategic decisions.

  1. You want to improve productivity and employee engagement

Retaining your people should always be a priority for employers, and if you’re struggling to keep employees happy and engaged, HR consultants can work with you to change this. One solution is to conduct an employee engagement survey to measure how staff feel about working with your business and to identify the key drivers that motivate your people.

If recruitment is the pain point in your business processes, HR outsourcing can give you valuable help when you employ people, streamlining the process by making sure that every aspect is designed to attract talent – from the job description to the interview process and onboarding.

  1. Improve employment law compliance

Employment laws change regularly, and it can be difficult to remain up to date with regulations that affect your workplace. Outsourcing HR would ensure that any legislation is adhered to, they will help maintain and audit your company policies and practices to ensure your business and employees are well protected.

Training can also be provided to line managers to make sure they are able to handle issues in the workplace, while ensuring they are in accordance with the law.

Such training could cover:

  • What to say and what not to say during an interview
  • How to avoid bullying and harassment claims
  • The process to follow when managing performance
  • Disciplinary and grievance procedures
  • What constitutes a fair dismissal, etc
  1. You need to spend time on your core business

Time is an issue for most businesses, especially if you don’t officially have an HR team. Handing over the most complex tasks to an HR provider, such as compliance, lends more time to focus on core business activities. HR Consultants are also likely to have more advanced systems which means less paperwork to do in-house.

When looking for an HR consultant, check that their area of expertise matches with your requirements. It is not essential that they have worked in your industry, but identify the sectors they have worked in to see if they will be able to offer you commercial advice. Finding an HR consultant with senior level experienced gained from both large and smaller companies is essential.