Human resources have been used for describing the people who would work for a company or any organization. The department would be responsible for managing resources pertaining to the employees. The term human resources initially came up in the 1960s. It was when the value of labor relations started to gather requisite attention along with ideas such as organizational behavior, motivation and selection assessment started to come up.

It would be pertinent to mention here that human resources has been a contemporary, umbrella term used for describing the development and management of employees in any organization. It would also be known as talent or personnel management. It would not be wrong to suggest that human resource management entails overseeing all kinds of things pertaining to managing and developing human capital of an organization.

What areas does human resources management focus?

Human resources management has been known to focus on several major areas. It would be inclusive of the following:

  1. Staffing and recruiting
  2. Benefits and compensation
  3. Learning and training
  4. Employee and labor relations
  5. Development of the organization

Because of several areas of human resource management, it would be typical for professionals in this specific arena to possess expertise in one or more regions. Some of the related career titles for any HR professionals would be inclusive of HR manager, training development specialist, human resource generalist, benefits specialist, job analysis and compensation specialist, employment services manager, recruiter, development and training manager, personnel analyst and benefits counselor.

Understanding human resources management

Human resources management entails administering and developing programs specifically designed for increasing the effectiveness of organization or business. It would be inclusive of entire spectrum of managing, creating and cultivating the relationship of employer and employee.

Human resource management has been about the following:

  • Addressing the current employee concerns

The human resources management would be dealing with the concerns of the employee such as training, pension plans, pay, benefits and employee investments.

  • Hiring new employees

The team would oversee the hiring process of new employees along with providing new employee orientation.

  • Improving morale

The HR team would encourage the employees to do their best. It would help in the success of the company. They would be required to reward employees for excellence in performance. In addition, the HR would need to help in creating positive work environment.

  • Managing the process of employee separation

It would be the role of HR to take care of documentation in event of an employee being fired, quits or laid off.