More and more organizations continue to cite supply chain issues as a result of their lack of success in their manufacturing operations. With the intent of business owners being success, it’s a challenge to work through the throttling that has been caused as a result of the disruptive supply chain. Unfortunately, an inability to procure a product could mean that a manufacturer is unable to operate. Typically, these frustrations occur as a result of some level of international business dealings. Working with overseas suppliers means that, inherently, there will be more limitations, particularly when there are moments of political instability in either operating country. What’s more, distance between two countries will also impact the way that business is handled, in addition to any delays that might occur in fulfilment. What many organizations have found, however, is that limiting this international business and instead nearshoring and reshoring, they can ensure they’re close enough to their customers to better meet their needs and thus the organization’s goals at large. This sort of consideration in an organization’s supply chain planning is essential as supply chain irregularities continue to occur. To learn more about the ways in which organizations are solving these issues as they arise, assess the resource highlighted alongside this post.

Supply Chain Shortages & Its Impact On Manufacturing

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