If your company is in the aerospace, medical, or defense sectors (or if you manufacture cameras) you are likely looking for the most efficient and affordable way to make custom apertures. Any veteran manufacturer will tell you that chemical etching for custom apertures is the most practical solution to keep costs down, speed up production, and garner high quality results. This article will explain why you should use chemical etching for apertures over other methods.

Chemical Etching Created Custom Apertures with More Precision

One of several reasons why chemical etching is the best process for creating custom apertures is that you get ultimate precision. Chemical etching enables for custom made openings designed down to the most miniscule details. With chemical etching, thin metal parts can be created without burrs–things that can impact the shape and size of the opening, and the level of flatness that a part has. Furthermore, the process of chemical etching is stress-free, which dictates the flatness quality. Also, rather than unwanted parts being machined off or stamped, it is dissolved so that the pressure from stamping or machining won’t have an adverse impact on the metal part. Ultimately, the part will offer better performance, as its quality will be superior to all others.

Chemical Etching Allows for Very Fine, Detailed Capabilities

The best chemical etching companies are able to produce apertures from .0003’’ to .064’’ thick. These dimensions are nearly impossible to create in such a clean, affordable manner outside of chemical etching. In addition, extremely small holes can also be created. The tiny dimensions of a hole in any metal is dependent on the thickness of the material’s base component and they can meet the needs of virtually any application.

Chemical Etching is Fast

Chemical etching is one of the fastest ways to create custom apertures. The main reason is that multiple pieces can be made from a single sheet of metal, as opposed to having a team of engineers having to create each piece at a time. Chemical etching also enables apertures to be made with shorter lead times compared to other processes. Now manufacturers can get their product to market much faster, thanks to chemical etching, and this will enable brands to get their product on the shelves before their competitors can, who may be using an alternative method for creating their apertures.

Chemical Etching can Be Used on a Wide Variety of Metals

While some brand’s apertures are made from a specific metal, other brands opt for different materials. Chemical etching is the better process for creating custom apertures because it can be used on a wide variety of metals that include stainless steel, aluminum, aluminum alloys, copper alloys, kovar, beryllium copper, and phosphor bronze. This makes the process convenient for a wider range of projects.

Contact a Chemical Etching Company to Produce Your Custom Apertures Today

As you can see, chemical etching offers camera manufacturers a ton of benefits that ensure apertures are of the highest quality, and made in a timely and cost-effective manner. Contact a chemical etching service provider today and learn how they can help take your products to the next level.