Website building techniques don’t come as a natural set of knowledge.  You have to do the work to learn what elements are most important to the design of a successful business website, and the best place to find information is online.  

Just a few quick reads, and you’ll have enough information to commence building.  Start your journey now.  Check out a brief collection of a few tips for entrepreneurs looking to craft a winning website design.  

Navigation that engages

When you set up your navigation options for your website, it’s wise to keep it simple.  Simple navigation presents no hurdle to users when they’re trying to find a specific piece of information on your website. 

A stationary navigation bar is the best way to incorporate simplicity.  Take a look at this website offering containerised diesel generators and the way they incorporated the stationary navigation setup.  It’s easy to find where you want to go when the information is just laid out there for you to see.  

Communication that is simple

Consumers love to communicate, but you have to give them the chance.  Use your website design to encourage web users to make contact with your business.  Work several different ways to communicate with your business into the design.  

For instance, you need a contact page, but don’t stop there.  Add a simple email mailing list signup form.  Add a phone number to your homepage, and add a blog with a place for leaving comments to really drive home the communication element of your design.  

Understand search engine optimization

Search engine optimization will teach you a lot about what your design has to do with your SERP (search engine results page) ranking.  Ranking high in the SERPs boosts visibility online, and you want your website to hit the top of the list.  

There’s a lot to know about the concepts of SEO, so make sure to take notes as you move through your research.  Fine-tuning your SEO skills will be helpful for years into the future.  

Incorporate social media sharing

Linking social media within the design of your business website is a useful tactic for gaining more exposure online.  When people have the ability to share your content, you get a boost in marketing without paying a dime.  

Add sharing icons to your website in places where you feel they will be most useful, and then scoot right on over to those same social media platforms to create a profile for your business. 

Use the tools Google offers

Finally, Google is an entrepreneur’s best friend.  The digital giant offers a range of tools to business owners, and most of Google’s business tools are free.  Dig into what tools best suit your business, and don’t overlook the power of Google Analytics for fine-tuning your website.