There is a lot of competition in packaging industry. Creation of impeccable packaging design is not just enough. You will also need to communicate it well to people worldwide. To help yourself stand apart from your competitors, it is required to learn about some key aspects that will make a powerful packaging design. We have put together a complete list of ingredients that will help you in a powerful packaging design and communication.

Retail needs

Before beginning the retail packaging design procedure, you must determine the needs of the retailers. It can be:

  • Shelf dimensions
  • Types of automated warehouse system
  • Rate of sale
  • Distance traveled
  • Pallet type, height, weight, signage and material,

Understanding these specs of retailers gives designers a checklist to conform to. It reduces chances to make changes in the final design outcome.

Consumer requirements

Acquire the target market data on the basis of analysis and research performed by the advertising team. Once done, you need to describe the message the package has to communicate to its desired consumers. This message includes accurate product information, instructions, and text to be shown on the packaging. Proper identification of the priorities of customers makes them feel understood and creates a connection with the business brand. This increases the possibilities of making the purchase.

Design Process

Give essential branding and labeling needs and guideline to your design team. Also, provide them a deadline for the 1st iteration. Motivate them to form designs without any restriction. Let the designers work independently. This will lessen design bias. Once you reach the deadline, you can review the prototype of designer as a group. Team members can provide feedback as well as ask questions. Once designs are reviewed, best elements can be selected from all the designs to form the final prototype.


An influential design needs no promotion to get noticed. As human brain is familiar with column and grid layout structures, it makes it easy to view it. So, it can be beneficial if you base the layout of your design elements on grid alignments. Don’t fill every single available/empty space on the packaging. Use white space to emphasize certain areas and direct audience to what is important. Minimalist and clean design has a powerful impact on people.


All the above aspects help in forming a successful packaging design for your products.