Technology has significantly improved our lives and made it easier to perform a myriad of tasks more efficiently. New technology is being developed every day to help us streamline our workflows and to manage our business more effectively. Here are some of the most essential apps for your business today:

Rocket Matter

Rocket Matter is an essential app for anyone in the legal profession. With powerful features and capabilities, it can help your law firm increase revenues by more than 20%. Visit to explore this legal billing software that can effortlessly capture time and expenses, send clients their invoices, and create all your bills in one go with batch billing.

Its administrative and organization capabilities allow you to gather all your case information in one place and keep track of progress and deadlines at a glance. Because Rocket Matter is a cloud based legal software, you can access your work anytime, anywhere across multiple devices.

Finally, this app integrates easily with Google Calendar, Office 365, QuickBooks Online and a host of other third-party apps, so you can keep your firm running smoothly with tools that you already use every day.

Google Drive

Google Drive offers online storage so you can safely store your files—including documents, photos, videos, and drawings—and access them easily, even when you’re not at your computer. Sharing your files and collaborating on them with your colleagues is a breeze; no need to attach them onto emails anymore—all it takes is a few simple clicks.

Drive also allows you to create a variety of files, from basic word documents, to details spreadsheets, forms and presentations. Your work is automatically saved every time you make an update, so you won’t have to worry about losing all your work if your computer crashes after you forgot to hit save.


QuickBooks is one of the most trusted accounting software available today. Many reputable and respected companies use it to manage their timekeeping and finances. QuickBooks allows you to quickly create custom invoices and record your expenses for tax purposes. You can even photograph and save your receipts using the mobile app. QuickBooks automatically backs up your data daily, so you can be sure your data is always up to date.


Slack has made internal communication incredibly easy for many organizations. It is an excellent app for collaboration, teamwork and communication. Messaging is made simple with a feature called channels. You can create different channels for team in your company, or organize them by the projects you’re working on. Team members can join or leave channels as needed, so you won’t have to send a mass email to everyone asking to be excluded from lengthy email chains.

You can easily revisit earlier discussions or look for specific topics with Slack’s searchable history. This makes it easy for you catch up and stay updated in case you are unable to join a discussion real time. Slack also makes it possible to quickly upload and share files with your colleagues for easier collaboration.


Wunderlist keeps you on track and helps you stay organized when you have a million things to do. This app is a lifesaver when you are managing multiple projects and have several important deadlines. With this user-friendly app, you can create, organize and share to-do lists, set due dates and reminders, and take notes so you never miss a detail.

Technology can be intimidating and appear to be confusing at first. Some people may be hesitant to use it because it can seem difficult to grasp. But it’s worth investing some time to learn about these technologies if your business will benefit significantly in the long run.