While all of the pages on your website are going to be important to your business, as someone working in the Human Resources department, the “Careers” page is likely going to be the one that you focus on the most.

In order to have a thriving business, you have to hire the right people onto your team. And to help you find those right people, having a beautiful and informative “Careers” page can be a huge benefit. So to help ensure that this page on your website is performing as well as you want and need it to be, here are three ways to improve the “Careers” page on your website. 

Make Everything Crystal Clear

The very first thing that you should concern yourself with on your “Careers” page is that everything is crystal clear to any prospective employees that visit the page. 

Ideally, the “Careers” page should do a lot of your work for you. But if the page isn’t clear or doesn’t give great directions to those visiting the page, you’re likely going to be dealing with a lot of emails or phone calls from people asking questions. So to avoid this and ensure that you’re able to get the best possible candidates applying for your open positions, make sure that everything that’s included on your “Careers” page is well designed and well written

Put Everything Into A List

When creating content that will serve as information for applicants visiting your website, what’s going to make things much easier for them to digest is if everything you write is put into a list. 

While you might be more comfortable writing content in paragraph form, for most job postings, having the important information presented in a list is going to be much more effective. In fact, even for information that isn’t directly related to a job posting, having the content shown in a list can make it easier for people to read and remember, which can help the conversion rate of your job postings improve as well. 

Use This Page To Sell Your Company

Along with having all the relevant information on job postings and the application process for anyone interested in joining your company, you’ll also want to use your “Careers” page to help sell your company to any future employees

On your “Careers” page, include things like any benefits you offer, what the company culture is like for those who work there, any charitable giving you do as an organization, testimonials from current and former employees on what it’s like to work there, and more. By doing this, you’ll encourage anyone who was on the fence about applying to commit to sending in their dazzling and qualified application. 

If you’ve been struggling with improving the “Careers” page on your website, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you find ways you can make some positive changes.