Working in HR, you’re essentially the parent for your company. While you want each staff member to be successful at work, you’re also trying to balance keeping the company successful, too. And sometimes, these can be conflicting ideas. But ultimately, if the people who are working for the company are unhappy and uncomfortable at work, you’re going to have some major issues with your workforce.

To help keep these things from happening at your place of business, here are three ways that HR can help staff members feel more comfortable at work. 

Create A Healthy Work Environment

One of the most basic things that an HR staff can do to help people feel comfortable at work is to create a healthy work environment for everyone to be in. 

On the most fundamental level, you should prioritize people’s physical safety by ensuring that they have fresh air, ample light, and access to clean water. But on a deeper level, people want to feel like they work in a positive environment filled with people who like them and want them to succeed. So if the culture of your company isn’t already in the business of lifting up employees and praising people for a job well done, this is something you should consider making a larger part of your organization. 

Be Open To Hearing Concerns

Something that can make people very uncomfortable at work is if they notice that something isn’t working as well as it could be or should be but they feel like they can’t say anything about it to management. But as someone working in HR, this is something that you have the power to deal with.

To do this, try your best to build trust with the staff of your company by being open to hearing their concerns regarding the business and then helping them take steps to find the solutions they need. When something gets brought up to you, thank the staff member for bringing this to your attention, ask them clarifying questions, and then try to brainstorm how to make things better in the future. 

Communicate The Value Of Mental Health

It’s more than physical health that contributes to people feeling comfortable and safe at work. For many people, their mental and emotional health is equally, if not more, important when they’re on the clock. 

Knowing this, you as HR should try to help your staff know and feel that their mental health is important to your organization. Allow people to take mental health days and encourage regular days off to find a work-life balance. As management, be an example of setting healthy boundaries and seeking out help when needed. And if you can, provide mental health services that those in your organization might need. 

If you worry about the culture of your company and how comfortable your staff is at work, consider using the tips mentioned above to help your HR team create a more healthy work environment within your place of business. 

For help creating a positive work environment that allows your staff to reach their full potential, please see the resource below.

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